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Learn Spanish and…….Sevillanas!

Learn more than just Spanish!
Learn more than just Spanish!

When planning our courses we always try to use the knowledge and talents that our teachers hold (apart from their Spanish teaching abilities, of course!). And for this reason, one of the extra activities we have incorporated into our Spanish Immersion Course this Summer is Sevillanas.

But what is Sevillanas I hear you say! Well, according to Wikipedia……

Sevillanas (Spanish pronunciation: [seβiˈʝanas]) are a type of folk music and dance of Seville and its region. They were derived from the Seguidilla, an old Castilian folk music and dance genre. In the nineteenth century they were influenced by Flamenco.

But to me, this definition just doesn’t do it justice. It is much more.

It is said that Las Sevillanas symbolizes the four stages of a man courting a woman, however the dance can be done with a man and a woman, two women, in lines and even two women and a man.

So do you need to improve your Spanish but don’t want to be sitting in a classroom all day? Check out our Spanish Immersion Courses where you not only learn Spanish but also Sevillanas, kayaking, paddle surfing, urban sketch, and much, much more…

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