post vacation depression

Post vacation depression and none of the answers

So this post started out as being a self-help article on how to get over post vacation depression and I won’t lie, I was thinking more about how I could help myself than how it could help others. But as it turns out, it seems that there isn’t that much ‘help’ out there and what I’ve found has been quite useless. Let me explain.

I’ve just spent 5 amazing weeks in my home country after 4 years since the last trip. It was great. I reconnected with family and friends, relived childhood memories, my girls reinforced their English speaking and hung out with their cousins. I shared things I love with my husband and kids, ate food I’d long forgotten I loved, reveled in the summer sun, and overindulged in edible delights.

And now I’m back.

And it’s HARD.

I’m jetlagged. I’m back at work. My fluidity in Spanish isn’t what it was. It’s cold and I’m feeling depressed. Don’t get me wrong, I love living in Spain and there’s nothing like getting back into your own bed in your own house but I still feel depressed. There’s a big part of me that wants to be back there even though I know that if I was I would have to work, the kids would have to go back to school, I’d have to cook and clean and life probably wouldn’t be that different.

How do I know I’m depressed? Well, I have very little motivation to do anything. I’m normally a very active person. I like doing ‘things’, eating out, catching up with friends and doing fun activities with my kids. But all I feel like doing is crawling under a blanket on my sofa and watching bad movies. I haven’t signed back up at the gym, the thought of going to my Friday night tennis class kind of makes me feel nauseous, and my kids must think I’m an ogre as my patience is very short.

Getting over it.

So I decided to have a look online for ways of combatting my post vacation depression. And that made me even more depressed. There were suggestions of ‘obviously you aren’t happy in your job’ (which is not the case) and ‘maybe you are unhappy in your relationship’ (also incorrect). One article recommended that next time I should try to have a mediocre holiday so that my return isn’t so unwelcome. Another even suggested going back to work a day earlier to avoid feeling overwhelmed on my return! Ridiculous.

I get that this is a trivial problem compared to the problems many people face and maybe what I should actually do is get over it and appreciate that I have the economic means to take a vacation.

So what’s the solution? I have no idea but the first thing I’m going to do is crawl under a fluffy blanket and watch bad movies this weekend.

And then I’m going to start planning my next holiday. And it won’t be a mediocre one!

If anyone has any better ideas I would love to hear them.

6 thoughts on “Post vacation depression and none of the answers”

  1. This happened to me a few years ago. It passed over time and life went back to normal. I found that distractions helped. Are you feeling better?

    1. Hi Sue. Yes, back into my normal routine and feeling my normal self, but I have to admit I wasn’t at my best for a few months. And yes, I agree. Distractions helped.

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    1. Thank you! I hope you are dealing with it OK. If you have any advice for others with how you are coping (or not) and you feel like sharing please let us know.

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